• Caseload information – assigned, clients not seen in xx days, last year’s assigned
  • Productivity graph
  • Documents to do, in progress, to sign and co-sign.
  • List of services needing authorization
  • Services for today
  • Messages and alerts

Clinical Documentation

  • Progress Notes, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Periodic Review, Discharge Summary included Data flow from Assessment to Treatment Plan to Service
  • Ability to add custom documents
  • Scanned documents that are associated with the client’s EHR and can be retrieved as required
  • Document routing to other clinicians for editing and review
  • Electronic signatures and co signatures either by password or by signature pad, including the ability for the client to sign
  • Client viewing mode (client can view his or her record but cannot access other clients’ information)
  • Tracks documentation “to do”


  • View by a single clinician or multiple clinicians
  • Standard “Outlook” like interface
  • Ability to mark “Available” and “Busy” slots
  • Shows services and other appointments
  • Feeds into billing

Group Notes

  • Distribute documentation responsibility among clinicians
  • Customizable group and individual client templates
  • Ability to copy information from group template to all clients assigned to you
  • Ability to modify documentation for an individual client
  • Complete and sign documentation for all clients assigned to you from one screen

Client Summary

  • Summarized diagnostic information, presenting problem and plan for next visit
  • Graphical display of time line summary with medication changes, services, hospitalization with an overlay of progress/outcome measure