Best Practices for Setting up your CCBHC and DCO for Success Using a Complete Managed Care Platform [Webinar Recording]

Setting up your CCBHC and DCO for success using a Complete Managed Care Platform

Today, it is almost impossible to search within healthcare related websites without running into the term “value based reimbursement”. There are many evolving flavors of this, but one area that has not been overly explored is on the provider/payer side. In the realm of behavioral health, Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) may become payviders by contracting with Designated Coordinating Organizations (DCOs). CCBHCs that contract with a DCO, or any other behavioral health providers that pay for health services, should adopt appropriate technology and other infrastructure for collecting data and practicing clinical documentation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how utilizing electronic health record technology can help you improve value within your organization including:

  • Full access to an EHR for providing services as well as a full MCO for paying and coordinating outside providers
  • Capture provider claims for different payment models
  • Collect data for programs such as CCBHC, DCO, Florida FASAMS, etc. and proving the “value” of their providers’ services

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