Foster Care and Adoption

Manage all aspects of Foster Care and Adoption entirely within SmartCare. SmartCare Foster Care and Adoption gives you the power to manage referral sources for placement, manage the placement of families as well as manage the details of placement all in one system.

Placement Families

  Set up all Placement Families for Adoption, Foster Care, Residential and Shelter

  Manage information about Placement Families parents

  Manage contact information for the family

  Manage relatives for foster placement

  Easily upload and scan documents needed for the Placement Family

  Managed the status of the Placement Family licensing process

Placement Management

  Child and contact information on the Client Summary page

  Placement Family detail information

  Placement Details to:

  Upload or view documents

  See all placements of children from the same family

  Mange legal status including termination petition filing

  Set Permanency Goal

  Set Placement status

  Manage DOC: Level and enter start and end dates of levels


  Referral source for placement

  Maintain information about the child, i.e. Case Worker, Court Case including attorney, DHS Monitor, etc.

  Associate child to their biological family

  Manage detailed information about the placement

  Social and medical history documentation

  Assign potential placement families to the child’s record and manage which children can be assigned to a family; document when the placement is formalized

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