Streamline has developed software to truly integrate all departments moving to a holistic service approach. Streamline’s software solutions are well suited for organizations who wish to have one system incorporating all business processes to a single solution, and still evolve as business needs develop. With SmartCare’s ePrescribing functionality, SmartCare Rx, it is 100% integrated into SmartCare. There is no need to log into any third party applications or install any plugins to enjoy the benefits of SmartCare Rx. 

Because SmartCare is one integrated platform for all your needs, this will help your users reduce errors, reduce the administrative burden and paperwork and most importantly it will increase patient safety. 

SmartCare Rx is powered by First DataBank (www.firstdatabank.com). All medications, formularies, strengths, and contraindications are based on current standards and maintained accordingly. SmartCare is SureScripts Certified and supports EPCS.

With the Rx Dashboard, you will have access to a quick overview of the patient and medication details; to their current diagnosis and medications; as well as known allergies, up-to-date Drug/Drug, and Drug/Allergy interaction; and patient consent and their order history.

SmartCare Rx’s medication ordering and refill functionality allows for:


SureScripts Interface

Age/Gender Recommended Dosage

Commercially Available Drug Packaging

Batch Review and Approval of Verbal Orders by the Prescriber

Other features and functionality within SmartCare Rx make it possible for real-time interactions with other medication and allergies; easy ordering of new medications not previously ordered as well as easy refill ordering including carrying over of information from previous order, and automatic calculations of new order dates.

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