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IOP/Day Services

Experience SmartCare™ for IOP/Day Services

Robust functionality on one platform

SmartCare™ allows for delivery of services in intensive outpatient and day services settings on a single, Enterprise platform, enabling organizations to provide care wherever needed.

All levels of care provided through SmartCare™ incorporate its intelligent, personalized capabilities in Clinical Care Management, Revenue Cycle Management, ePrescribing, and remote and offline access via SmartCare™ Anywhere.

IOP/Day Services capabilities include:

  • Group functionality that includes easily configuring and and amending groups, batch documentaiton that aligns with organizational workflows and billing by increments of time: minutes, hours, daily, or weekly
  • Attendance capabilities including taking role and capturing the specific times clients attend through the day, rolling-up service time to create a single charge, and creating a daily or weekly note to document the activities the client participated in.
  • Group MAR functions that are searchable by shift, unit, and program and allow for efficient dispensing of medications to a group of clients

Designed to help Behavioral Health Organizations succeed

Hosted on the Azure cloud, SmartCare™ has a highly stable and secure infrastructure. Its open architecture is flexible and extendible. Its robust, single platform greatly reduces the need to connect with, maintain, and secure disparate systems.

SmartCare™ offers an extensive suite of solutions, from Clinical Care Management to Primary Care Integration, that enable organizations to provide holistic care management and to improve organizational efficiency.

As a true Enterprise EHR, SmartCare™ is ideal for multi-faceted organizations who service multiple types of Behavioral Health and Human Services communities.

Streamline’s in-house implementation services and Customer Success Program are designed to ensure that each organization gets the most out of SmartCare’s powerful functionality.

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