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Robust functionality to support complex CCBHC requirements

The impressive growth in Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) highlights the need for behavioral health and human services EHRs that can effectively integrate a variety of providers and services, capture and report on key metrics, and enable providing services remotely.

  • Manage person-centered behavioral and physical health treatment planning and coordinate care with a range of organizations in the community, including local primary care and hospital partners.
  • Deliver integrated, coordinated care based on evidence-based practices and report on quality metrics.
  • Generate, track, manage, and analyze billing and financial information seamlessly across a variety of reimbursement methods and service and program types.
  • Accept direct data entry by Designated Collaborating Organization’s (DCO) and send and receive CCD data sets with other community providers.
  • Seamlessly provide services in homes, schools, jails, homeless shelters, and other locations outside of the clinic.

Built on an enterprise-grade, single platform, SmartCare™ is an ideal EHR for CCBHCs

The Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) demonstration program launched in 2017 with 66 clinics across eight demonstration states. Since 2018, Congress annually has appropriated funds for CCBHC expansion grants. As of early 2022, there were 430 CCBHCs in 42 states.

The momentum for CCBHCs got another boost in 2022 when Congress passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Under the new Act, starting July 1, 2024, and every two years through 2030, up to 10 additional states may start participating in the demonstration programs.

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A Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic is required to provide nine types of CCBHC services, with an emphasis on 24-hour crisis care, evidence-based practices, care coordination with primary care and hospital partners, and integration with physical health care.

To successfully meet the CCBHC requirements, Behavioral Health organizations need a CCBHC EHR that can manage partnering with other organizations, coordinating care, and utilizing evidence-based practices.

As an enterprise-grade, single platform, SmartCare™ is ideal for CCBHCs. It enables behavioral health and human services organizations to deliver person-centered care via a unified platform that provides true integration of all inpatient, outpatient, and community-based services. It provides a high degree of interoperability, including the ability for direct data entry by DCO’s and to send and receive continuity of care documents (CCD) data sets with other community providers via direct messaging interfacing.

SmartCare’s CCBHC EHR capabilities provide intelligent workflows that capture the CCBHC-required clinical measures for reporting as well as state-level measures. It offers the capability to assess, stratify and define quality metrics

SmartCare’s Revenue Cycle Management provides billing flexibility that meets state-specific reimbursement requirements for CCHBC, including fee for service, case rate, or other payment models.

SmartCare™ enables organizations to seamlessly provide services in homes, schools, jails, homeless shelters, and other locations outside of the clinic and to provide crisis services 24-7. SmartCare™ Anywhere further enhances access to care with remote functionality built into the platform to allow clinicians and other staff to access client records and work via mobile devices in an offline environment with limited or no access to the Internet.

Designed to help behavioral health organizations succeed

Hosted on the stable, secure Microsoft Azure cloud, SmartCare is the one platform that eliminates the need to connect, maintain, and secure disparate systems.

SmartCare supports an extensive suite of solutions tailored to specific areas of a practice—from primary care to business intelligence—all aligned on one platform for holistic care management.

As a true enterprise platform, SmartCare is ideal for multi-faceted organizations who provide many types of behavioral health and human services.

Our in-house implementation services and Customer Success Program ensure that all of our customer partners use the SmartCare platform’s powerful functionality to reach their full potential.

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