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Foster Care and Adoption

Experience SmartCare™ Foster Care & Adoption

A comprehensive solution for foster care and adoption management

SmartCare™ Foster Care integrates all the main aspects of foster care, from potential placements to discharge from homes, on one platform.

  • Set up all placement families for adoption, foster care, residential, and shelter. 
  • Track placed and unplaced children, keep an inventory of beds available, and check for availability of beds by type of placement for beds available. 
  • Manage placement families’ application submission, background checks, training, approval, and renewal. 
  • Maintain information about the child, including caseworker, court case, attorney, DHS Monitor, etc.

Robust placement management capabilities

SmartCare™ Foster Care functionality enables organizations to manage placements, including setting permanency goal and placement status, seeing all placements of children from the same family, and managing the status of the placement family licensing process.

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Family out on a nature hike.

SmartCare™ Foster Care and Adoption enables organizations to organize all the materials needed for the placement family: Assign potential placement families to the child’s record and manage which children can be assigned to a family, document when the placement is formalized, and manage general information and contact information about the parents of the placement family.

Designed to help behavioral health organizations succeed

Hosted on the stable, secure Microsoft Azure cloud, SmartCare is the one platform that eliminates the need to connect, maintain, and secure disparate systems.

SmartCare supports an extensive suite of solutions tailored to specific areas of a practice—from primary care to business intelligence—all aligned on one platform for holistic care management.

As a true enterprise platform, SmartCare is ideal for multi-faceted organizations who provide many types of behavioral health and human services.

Our in-house implementation services and Customer Success Program ensure that all of our customer partners use the SmartCare platform’s powerful functionality to reach their full potential.

See how SmartCare’s foster care and adoption management features can support your organization