Pre-Recorded Webinars

Streamline’s SmartCare is a meaningful use certified electronic health record (EHR) and is deployed in a live environment at all service levels. These include inpatient, outpatient, intensive-outpatient, residential and managed care, as well as functionality for e-prescribing, primary care services, and electronic communication with other providers.

We use the most current and flexible web-based tools available today. This provides all user types a common interface that supports all service delivery models for the organization.

To learn more about Streamline and our SmartCare platform, view one of these free recordings below.

SmartCare Overview for Inpatient and Residential

SmartCare MCO

SmartCare EHR

Competing in a Value-based Market

Setting up your CCBHC and DCO for Success Using a Complete Managed Care Platform

Texas-specific recordings