Digital Bridge to Health: How One Agency is Using Technology to Engage Community Partners through a Digitized System of Care

For those with developmental disabilities, severe mental illness or challenging social and economic conditions, the clear evidence is that life and health outcomes are interdependent on a variety of community resources–mental health, social services, schools, and health care systems.  Hear how one health and human service agency, Mental Health Partners, is developing a comprehensive digital strategy to ensure technology is used effectively to best meet the needs of those in need.

The strategy, named “Bridge to Digital Health” is based on coordinating the efforts of “Three “C/s”— Clients, Community and Colleagues—and on building a technology infrastructure capable of accomplishing that. Hear how they are making this vision come to life in this innovative webinar.

In this webinar you will learn: 

The components of Mental Health Partners Bridge to Digital Health strategy:

  • Specific goals and initiatives to deliver improved, measurable outcomes through better integration of the Three C’s.
  • A technology strategy and its supporting components based on the strategic goals, with emphasis on innovation and maximizing value from investments in technology.
  • The vision for the Digital Bridge that connects strategy and technology across the Three C’s to deliver better outcomes for the populations they serve.

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