May 10, 2022

Media, Government, Non-Profits Highlight Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

Mental Health Issues Rising Significantly Among Young Adults As part of 2022’s May Mental Health Awareness Month, organizations from MTV to the US government are sponsoring […]
March 31, 2022

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month | Streamline Healthcare

Worlds Imagined: Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month This week concludes Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Each March, the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) and their […]
March 9, 2022

Integrating Behavioral & Physical Care | Streamline Healthcare

Health Insurance Providers Push for Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health AHIP, an association whose members include the nation’s largest health insurance providers, recently added its voice […]
February 16, 2022

EHRs and Evolving Digital Care | Streamline Healthcare

Is Your Behavioral Health Organization Ready for the New Era of Digital Care? Pre-pandemic, many behavioral health organizations were slow to embrace digital, or remote, care […]
February 8, 2022

The Evolution of Telehealth | Streamline Healthcare

How Providers Are Adapting to the New Normal of Telehealth As telehealth evolves from a COVID-19 Pandemic workaround to a permanent fixture in both physical and […]
February 3, 2022

Three Key Principles that Helped Drive EHR Implementation Success During COVID

Streamline Healthcare Solutions, a leader in building innovative technology solutions for the behavioral health and human services market, successfully completed the most implementations of its SmartCare™ […]
December 9, 2021

BBB Act & Behavioral Health Support | Streamline Healthcare

Key takeaways from Build Back Better Act: How Behavioral Healthcare providers can prepare for the billions earmarked for their industry.  Last month, the U.S. House of […]
November 17, 2021

Healthcare Costs and Health Issues | Streamline Healthcare

One Key to Controlling Healthcare Costs: Improve Behavioral Health The relationship between behavioral health and overall healthcare spending A detailed study by Milliman, one of the […]
October 28, 2021

Hybrid of Care in Healthcare and Telehealth

Hybrid of Care in Healthcare and Telehealth What does “hybrid of care” mean? The term hybrid has come up often this past decade as the automobile […]