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When creating a healthcare ecosystem for your healthcare organizations, information technology plays a vital role in reducing cost as well as improving quality.

A healthy ecosystem is a group of interconnected stakeholders dependent upon strong relationships. That includes the provider and payers, pharmacies, labs, device manufacturers and consumers bound together through an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Electronic paperwork benefits everyone involved in someone’s health, and allows a level of communication not previously available. Patients, providers and payers all have access to health history, which improves the overall healthcare experience.  

A critical step in the creation of this ideal ecosystem was the passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) in 2009. HITECH was designed to provide incentives for the creation of health care infrastructure and accelerate the adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems among providers. This led to more healthcare professionals being interested in this technology.

Organizations often don’t know where to start. As you look to modernize, take the strategic steps to select an EHR product that is the right fit for your organization. That’s where Streamline Healthcare Solutions works to support organizations through this transition.

Streamline Healthcare Solutions provides a practical, metrics-driven approach for the installation of an EHR system using a single web based system, SmartCare™ that is “The Power of One.”

This is a single, integrated, healthcare platform that offers all of the capabilities that many systems offer through hinges and hand-offs between different products.

To make it all work, while benefiting all the key players in the ecosystem, there are critical factors that must be included:

  • Innovative and committed leadership
  • Integrated agency management and a thorough understanding of:
    • Needs
    • Benefits
    • Incentives and support

Without these, any organization attempting to modernize with an EHR system is at the risk of failing. Streamline Healthcare Solutions will guide you and your leadership, ensuring you’re focused on the steps and processes to be successful.

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