Forged in Fire: How Lessons Learned in the Pandemic are Impacting Behavioral Health Providers


The COVID-19 Pandemic hit Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations with a perfect storm of sharply rising need for their services combined with constraints on providing those services due to the labor shortage and other factors. Responding to these challenges was a baptism of fire; last year Streamline and OPEN MINDS sponsored a webinar where three behavioral health leaders discussed how their organizations responded.

Fast forward to this year, and the crisis may have abated, but many of the challenges are here to stay.  Streamline was fortunate to have the same three leaders return to discuss how they are now applying the lessons they learned to adapt their strategies and operations going forward.

In this previously recorded webinar, you can expect to hear more about:

  • The continued increase in demand for behavioral health services
  • The continued shortage in staffing
  • The shift in delivery of services to a hybrid mix of in-person and telehealth
  • The uncertainty about ongoing funding levels

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