Bradford Health Services Speaks About Receiving Excellent Support From Streamline During Their Tight EHR Implementation Timeline


Bradford Health Services provides effective and affordable chemical dependency treatment programs for adults and adolescents. Bradford offers inpatient and outpatient services to 30 locations spread across four different states. Because of Bradford’s tight timeline to get off its previous system, it needed to find an EHR that fit into their budget. Streamline offered the organization an affordable solution to continue their operations without interruption. Hear more about Bradford’s story and how Streamline has provided excellent support every step of the way.

Tight EHR Implementation Timeline

Under a very tight implementation timeline from March to June, Bradford needed to configure, set up, test, train, and go live with the SmartCare system. Streamline had all the bells and whistles they needed as well as an excellent support team and staff that helped them successfully achieve each milestone in the short amount of time.

EHR Affordability and a Great Team

Bradford was given a 6 month notice from their previous vendor that the current platform was no longer going to be supported. It needed an affordable system that wouldn’t “break the budget” or interrupt their operations. Streamline was able to provide them a solution as well as a reliable team to reach this goal. Streamline assigned Bradford a Support Manager to help the organization with all its late night and weekend support issues.