Camino Real In Texas Goes Live With IDD Documentation




Kalamazoo, MI – [March 27, 2017] – Streamline Healthcare Solutions and Camino Real Community Services in Lytle, TX recently reached an exciting milestone by going live with Texas-centered IDD documentation. By implementing Streamline’s SmartCareEHR, Camino Real now has a system that “speaks the IDD language” which is providing increased efficiency and accuracy in their IDD processes.

Camino Real is already seeing these efficiencies as they only need to enter information in one location and the data automatically carries over to other documents within the system. “Streamline allows for our staff to complete a PDP in less time and has made it possible for our documents to talk to each other. Once the PDP is completed, it ensures that the IPC will only allot units for authorized services in the PDP. When staff gets ready to complete the Implementation Plan, the PDP and IPC feed the information into the document.  Having this feature gives us the assurance that we will do well during our annual audit because everything matches.  We are very excited to finally have a product that speaks the IDD language.” – Nora Garcia, IDD Service Coordination Director with Camino Real

Through a collaboration with Camino Real and other Texas centers, Streamline has developed an out of the box solution for Texas that helps clients meet the unique state MH and IDD documentation standards and state reporting needs. These include TRR Assessments to SRF Authorizations, TKIDS, CARE batching, ECI, IDD documentations and more. “Streamline is very excited that we now provide IDD Documentation online. In collaboration with the wonderful staff of Camino Real and other Texas Centers, we have worked hard to ensure that the process of documenting IDD services from the PDP to the Implementation Plan is as easy as possible.” -David Ryand, Co-CEO, Streamline

About Camino Real: Camino Real Community Services is a non-profit organization providing mental, behavioral and intellectual disability services to nine counties in Texas. Camino Real is the designated Community Mental Health Authority and the Authority for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Camino Real is also responsible for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services in 12 counties.

About Streamline: Streamline Healthcare Solutions is the nation’s leading native web-based behavioral EHR solution for all levels of care and functionality in one system. Our certified enterprise system covers inpatient, residential, IOP, Day, outpatient and community based services and features fully integrated billing, scheduling, ePrescribing, primary care and managed care functionality. Streamline currently supports 20,231 users across 48 organizations in 17 states.

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