Harbor Behavioral Health Shares Their Story About SmartCare EHR’s Flexibility And Adaptability


Harbor Behavioral Health is a leading provider of mental health services in Northwest Ohio. Using SmartCare EHR from Streamline Healthcare Solutions, Harbor is able to help improve the quality of care they provide their consumers as well as enhance their overall business processes. Here’s how Harbor says SmartCare adds value to the organization and its clients.

EHR for the Future

Harbor’s VP of IT, Sandy Hall shares how SmartCare EHR remains flexible and adaptable to meet the organization’s current and future needs. She also reveals how Streamline’s in-depth understanding of the behavioral health industry is evident as the SmartCare application continues to grow and evolve as healthcare operations change.

It’s a Relationship

Harbor is not just a client; It shares a partnership with Streamline Healthcare Solutions. The goal of this partnership is to collaborate and come up with ideas that will not only help Harbor Behavioral Health, but could potentially benefit other organizations that partner with Streamline as well.

Expanding into the Community

The relationship between Harbor and Streamline expands outside of its four walls into a community of many behavioral health providers. Harbor, like all Streamline clients, has access to a network of other behavioral health providers in our community to share and communicate about the SmartCare platform.