Helen Farabee Centers Shares How They Use SmartCare EHR To Help Them Deliver Patient-Centered Care


Helen Farabee Centers, serving North Texas, specializes in providing individuals and adults who are suffering from serious and persistent mental illness; children with severe emotional disturbance; inpatient and outpatient substance use services; crisis response services within one hour to those reaching a distance of 16,665 square miles away; etc. Providing person-centered care is a vital part of the organization and they needed a system that helps them deliver services easier and more efficient, which is one of the main reasons for selecting Streamline’s SmartCare EHR. Here’s how Helen Farabee says SmartCare is helping them meet the needs of their ever-changing business.

The Search To Find The Best Technology

After being on the same system since 1992, Helen Farabee needed to make a change. They began looking at a number of vendors and the technology behind them. Helen Farabee selected Streamline because it believed in working with the organization toward the same goal; developing an efficient system that continues to adapt within a complex Texas system.