SmartCare Client Tracking

Monitoring important client events and document due dates has never been easier. SmartCare Client Tracking enables your teams to easily monitor all of the due dates or documents and events for clients and ensures that they occur in a timely manner.

Are there a group of documents that always have to be completed when a client is enrolled in a particular program? No problem!

With the easy to use interface…

Users can define which events and documents need to occur and when. When a new client is registered or enrolled in a program, the defined event(s) are set as flags with due dates for that client – automatically! You can also set recurring flags for an important document, like a Treatment Plan.

SmartCare Client Tracking allows users to instantly see when important events or documents are due right from the dashboard.

  Users can be alerted as soon as important events/documents are coming due or are overdue directly on your dashboard.

  Choose how to view these flags by:

  • Assigned staff
  • Workgroup (e.g., Medical Team, IDD Team, etc.)
  • Role (e.g., Nurse, Speech Therapist, etc.)

Tracking Protocols can be setup to be applied automatically when a client is first registered, or as a client is waitlisted, enrolled, or discharged from a program.

Easily view and complete all events/flags for a client.

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