Revenue Cycle Management

SmartCare Revenue Cycle Management is a fully HIPAA-compliant service that offers traditional fee-for-service billing for commercial payers, and also handles varying requirements for prior authorizations, and complex billing processes for Medicare, Medicaid and Medicaid MCOs.

SmartCare RCM functionality will help your organization manage the entire revenue cycle process.

From Big Picture

Financial dashboards display: at-a-glance, incomplete information and tasks, with real-time alerts and messages, including flagged-services needing further work.

To Every Step Along the Way

Start the Billing Process: Beginning at reception and registration, SmartCare Billing organizes tasks in one place where you can: Receive payments | Send messages to clinicians |Track multiple treatment episodes| View client financial-responsibility and referral Information

Manage Client’s Services: After clients’ appointments are complete, SmartCare Billing manages those services to meet payers’ requirements. SmartCare records and authenticates clients’ services from clinicians, or programs, and follows the payer’s reimbursement rules.

Generate Billing: Using an automated process, SmartCare Billing creates charges and generates claim documents automatically, when the service is marked complete.

Posts Payments: SmartCare Billing helps you electronically receive and post payments to services, along with flagging and organizing  denied and underpaid claims.

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