SmartCare Substance Abuse

SmartCare Substance Abuse is built to support organizations who help individuals on the path to addiction recovery.

SmartCare’s Substance Abuse component offers a variety of features to support your unique workflows, reimbursement processes and integration woes. With SmartCare’s flexible and user-friendly interface, we can provide your administrators and end users the tools to enhance their experience and increase productivity.

Designed to evolve with your organization…

Flexible and User-friendly Interface

  Robust Inquiry/Pre-admission tracking/Intake

  Scheduling and Groups

  Workflows and Assessments

  • ASAM
  • CAGE
  • ASI

Co-occuring Disorders

  Robust mental health and physical health integration

Complete Medical Electronic Billing

  DSM IV, V and CPT Coding Requirements

Enhanced User Experience

  Client Portal

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