Streamline and SmartCare: The control and flexibility to transform care

A New Brand 20 Years in the Making

Streamline Healthcare Solutions is proud to unveil a new brand for the company and our SmartCare™ Behavioral Health Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform—a brand that captures the essence of our company’s mission of empowering people who provide Behavioral Health services to advance the lives of those in need. 

For 20 years, Streamline has focused exclusively on Behavioral Health and Human Services. We understand people choose this work out of a deep desire to help others weather life’s storms. We partner with our customers to provide innovative technology solutions that help them achieve this goal.

That’s why we designed our SmartCare™ EHR platform with the dependability and stability to provide organizations and users the control they need to succeed in today’s complex environment, and the flexibility that enables them to transform the way they provide care to meet the exciting promise of tomorrow.

Stability and flexibility. Control and transform. Helping to advance the lives of those in need today and tomorrow. That’s Streamline and SmartCare™.

To learn more about our new brand, click here.

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