Accountable Care Organizations

An EHR Designed with ACOs in Mind

A multi-functional EHR that supports the needs of Accountable Care Organizations

Why SmartCare™?

Higher Quality Care With Better Outcomes

Through the SmartCare™ care coordination platform, your ACO will be equipped to coordinate high quality care with better outcomes for your clients. Avoiding duplication errors is easy because our platform will document everything in one system, while giving you the opportunity to connect with other providers, labs, and pharmacies. Check out the SmartCare™ ePrescribing page to learn more.

Integrated Functionality

The integrated functionality of SmartCare™ allows you to process claims directly from your provider network, gives your providers direct access to the system, and manages your member information. Through the SmartCare™ Data Warehouse, your ACO will have reporting capabilities and data analytics to prepare your decision makers for the future.

Improved Managed Care Coordination

In addition to having improved managed care coordination for all service levels from different providers, your staff will feel confident and empowered with one system that will meet all their needs.

Get SmartCare™ for your ACO

An EHR for ACOs that brings everything together in one platform

SmartCare™ supports:

  Data exchange within and outside the organization.

  Use of data as a routine part of clinical work.

  Performance review practices.

  Management of new payment structures including linking performance to payment.


Crisis, Inpatient, Residential, CPOE, EMAR, Outcome Measures, RCM

Outpatient/ Ambulatory

Outpatient, Walk-ins, Intensive Outpatient, Club House, ERX-EPCS, PDMP, Telehealth, Patient Portal, RCM

Community Services

SmartCare™ Mobile, SmartCare™ Anywhere Disconnected

Promoting Interoperability

Pharmacy, Labs, HIE, State, Hospitals, Secure Email, Data exchange within and outside the organization.

Primary Care/Ancillary

Primary Care, School MGT, Foster Care & Adoption, RCM


Contracting providers, designated coordinating agencies, private practice, third-party vendors, PHP’s



Open Integration

Microsoft SQL, Open Architecture, Open Stored procedures

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