IOP/Day Services

SmartCare™ day services functionality which includes an attendance tracking module where clients can be checked in and checked out multiple times a day. In addition, this module provides quick access to the eMAR and other important client documentation.


  • Bill by increments of time (minutes, hours), daily, or weekly
  • Batch documentation aligns with your organizational workflows
  • Charting on a group is just a click away
  • Groups can be configured easily, and amended and reduced with minimal effort

Attendance Functionality

  • Allows for taking role and capturing the specific times clients attend through the day
  • Rolls-up service time to create a single charge
  • Allows for a daily or weekly note to document the activities the client participated in
  • Display includes important info about each client

Group MAR

  • Allows for efficient dispensing of medications to a group of clients
  • Single click dispensing
  • Searchable by shift, unit, & program

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SmartCare™ IOP functionality gives you the power to handle groups, medication administration, and attendance.

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