Bridgeway Goes Live with Streamline’s SmartCare™ EHR


Bridgeway Goes Live With SmartCare™ EHR

Streamline is excited to announce the Go Live of the SmartCare™ EHR platform at Bridgeway in Galesburg, IL. Bridgeway conducted an extensive evaluation process before selecting SmartCare™ to replace their legacy EHR application. They valued a fully web-based solution that could meet the needs of their diverse mental health and IDD service arrays. Bridgeway was also looking for a product that could keep them current for years to come in the areas of electronic prescribing, state regulations, and the constant evolution towards a value-based payment environment.

Sandy Wood, RN MA, Bridgeway’s Senior Vice President of Disability Services said, “The SmartCare™ system is well suited to its name as it is comprehensive, customer-friendly, and very efficient in its day-to-day operation allowing our staff more time to provide services and reach out to an increasing number of people in need during these challenging days of the pandemic. ”

“SmartCare™ provides efficient billing processes to our payers, resulting in quicker payments for us. Statements for our consumers will be simplified and easier to read and understand,” said Staci Danner, Chief Financial Officer at Bridgeway.

“Streamline’s SmartCare™ software is easy to find the information we need for reporting. Not only do they provide a comprehensive list of standard reports in their core product, but we also have the freedom to create special reports we need, quickly and efficiently,” said Jennifer Dalton, Bridgeway Vice President of Technology and Administrative Support. “Streamline’s cloud hosting option takes the pressure off our small IT team, who already have an extensive task list in maintaining other areas in our diverse company. With the importance of an EHR staying available to our staff 24/7, it’s comforting to know that Streamline “has our back”.”

“Bridgeway has been a very positive customer with a “Can do” attitude throughout the Implementation. I first met their team at our SC2 Conference in 2019 when they were still deliberating on their EHR vendor. We are so glad they selected Streamline and in under a year in 2020 they went Live on SmartCare. Now in 2021, they are co-presenting with us and other customers on how to successfully and efficiently implement an EHR. They have also helped another New York Customer of ours in addressing cultural change management within their organization as part of an EHR Implementation. Proud to watch them go from prospective customers to now guides for our prospective customers within such a short window. It is wonderful to be a part of such a supportive customer ecosystem at Streamline as we do this much-needed work in these unprecedented times,” said Anita Jeyakumar, VP, Implementation at Streamline.