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Is Your Behavioral Health Organization Ready for the New Era of Digital Care?

Pre-pandemic, many behavioral health organizations were slow to embrace digital, or remote, care for a variety of reasons. The combination of limited in-person options and increased demand for remote services during COVID forced organizations to take the leap, but challenges remain. 

A new report by Ernst & Young notes that behavioral health organizations are leading the way in terms of increased use of digital solutions.

Key issues in the move to digital and remote care

The report was based on a survey by Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) and sponsored by EY Global. Among other things, the report highlighted several issues that behavioral health and human services firms need to address as they move more toward making digital and remote care a permanent part of their offering.

Focus on user needs. The report noted that client convenience will be key. “[Clients] are likely to opt for technologies which are easy to use and decrease wait times. Therefore, solutions which focus on speed and convenience are most likely to stick.”

Support provider adoption and buy-in. The survey found that training practitioners to adapt to new ways of working was the top priority for organizations embracing the move to hybrid care. “Accordingly, solutions should be user-friendly and incorporate seamlessly into existing workflows, rather than creating an additional administrative burden.”

Promote interoperability and data sharing to unlock actionable insights. The report noted that “Interoperability is a major issue across this fragmented landscape, a problem that is often exacerbated when solutions are rapidly implemented without rigorous testing” and that “Data is often locked away in siloed legacy systems that are difficult to integrate.”

Overcoming the challenges to digital behavioral health

To learn how several Behavioral Health Providers dealt with these issues as they pivoted to a digital and hybrid care model, check out this OPEN MINDS Executive Panel webinar hosted by Streamline Healthcare Solutions.  

Key points on bridging the digital gap between organizations and clients include:

  1. Engaged re-visioning of services
  2. An increased access to care
  3. An enhancement of client outcomes
  4. The strengthening of their mission

Watch the webinar here.

Step into the digital future with a robust EHR

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