Outagamie County Selects Streamline Healthcare’s SmartCare EHR Solution


Oak Brook, IL – Following an extensive evaluation, Outagamie County in Wisconsin has selected Streamline Healthcare Solutions as its technology partner to implement the SmartCare™ Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. The SmartCare™ platform will help support Outagamie County’s comprehensive array of health and human services programs that it provides to citizens of Outagamie County. 

Outagamie County has undertaken a major initiative to leverage best practices related to Health and Human Services in the state of Wisconsin. Outagamie County chose SmartCare™ as the EHR technology solution for this initiative because it is a true enterprise platform that can meet the needs of large, multi-faceted organizations, managing a diverse population.

Outagamie County values a fully web-based, automated solution that can meet the needs of their complex requirements. Several deciding factors led them to SmartCare™, including a product that could keep them current for years to come in the areas of state and federal regulation, comprehensive care planning, and managed care across many partners, providers and stakeholders. Outagamie County also valued the partnership approach with Streamline, as both parties expect continued growth and EHR innovation in the Health and Human Services market in Wisconsin.

Thomas Nelson, Outagamie County Executive, stated, “We are very pleased to bring advanced technology to our Health and Human Services Department. Staff will soon have access to technology that will improve efficiency and allow for increased opportunities for automation.”  John Rathman, Director of Health and Human Services, highlights, “We are anxiously awaiting the implementation of this new software and look forward to the increased opportunities it will provide to our staff to automate more of their work and provide our management team with increased data to make future department decisions.”

“Streamline is proud to partner with Outagamie County and adds them to our growing Wisconsin user community of counties and providers,” said Javed Husain, CEO of Streamline Healthcare Solutions. “The combination of Outagamie County’s thoughtful leadership and expertise and SmartCare’s industry-leading functionality will result in better behavioral health care for the most vulnerable individuals in Wisconsin.”

About Outagamie County

Outagamie County is the sixth largest of 72 Wisconsin counties and through the administration of 32 departments, the county provides Health and Human Services, manages parks and roads, and under-girds public safety. Its county seat is in Appleton, Wisconsin.  The Department of Health and Human Services provides a comprehensive array of health and human services programs to the citizens of Outagamie County in collaboration with partners, providers, stakeholders and staff. www.outagamie.org/government/f-through-m/health-human-services

About Streamline Healthcare Solutions 

Streamline delivers web-based software for healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate specialized behavioral service delivery processes. Streamline’s SmartCare™ solution was developed to truly integrate all departments; moving them to a more holistic service model. Streamline’s software solutions are well suited for organizations who wish to have a system that can incorporate its entire business processes into a single solution, with the ability to continue to grow as business-line needs evolve. Streamline has been offering software in the behavioral health marketplace since 2003. www.streamlinehealthcare.com   

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