Reasons to Upgrade to SmartCare!


In this critical time of COVID-19, it is imperative your organization operates effectively and safely. Using the right electronic health record (EHR) technology that can help your agency meet the needs of your clients now and into the future is also critical. We understand this need.

Our SmartCare EHR is an integrated web-based technology that truly integrates all inpatient, outpatient and community based departments moving them to a more holistic service approach. SmartCare is well suited for all organizations who wish to have one clinical management system that can map and incorporate its entire business processes to a single solution and then continue to evolve as business needs develop.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 28 reasons our application will help your agency improve all business processes through these trying times and always.


  1.  State Reporting: Streamline grows organically, and takes the time and effort required for an efficient, repeatable process when implementing new customers reporting requirements, regardless of state.  We are happy to connect with you in state references, or early state adopters who can speak to how we have worked together to optimize their state reporting workflow. 
  2. Diagnosis Overlap: Diagnosis from a previous episode does not overlap with a new episode of care without a way to end it. This eliminates previous diagnoses from prior episode to attach itself to new encounters, which might prove to be typically inaccurate within your current application.
  3. Treatment Plans: SmartCare automatically handles the process of stopping billing on services that do not have an active treatment plan. This will likely save your team hours every week with the manual review process you may currently encounter.  
  4. Golden Thread: SmartCare provides the ability to transfer needs and strengths from an Assessment to a treatment plan helping to ensure accuracy for both clinical documentation and billing.
  5. Fully functioning Progress Notes: Within SmartCare you can track clients progress notes to highlight the specific areas addressed for a particular service.
  6. E&M Scoring: Streamline has spent a great deal of effort to provide a user friendly E&M note complete with auto scoring.  Providers have the ability to review scoring prior to signature, and go back and adjust the factors that influence scoring if they feel the proper score was not achieved.  This will help your organization with compliance, and any forthcoming auditing of assigned E&M codes. 
  7. Signature Process:  SmartCare allows you to capture electronic signature via touch screen, mouse, signature pad, staff password, or single click based on user being signed in.  These multiple options will help eliminate issues relating to signature pad drivers, web browser and application all working in harmony.  We do not experience problems with the wrong client signature being injected into a service, forcing you to clear your browser’s cache. 
  8. System Uptime: Streamline partners with industry leader Microsoft Azure for all hosted customers.  We also have the option of a locally self-hosted solution, and would be happy to discuss our contractual guarantees around system uptime upon request. 
  9. Billing Validations: SmartCare provides an out of the box set of validations ensuring services cannot be sent out without core requirements such as a signed note and care plan.  In addition, a second set of validations can be defined and updated by your organization.  You should not get denials for the same reason more than once since a new validation can be created to account for new denial reasons. 
  10. Supervisor Approval:  SmartCare offers a logical workflow for supervisor sign-off on notes and documents.  This includes the ability to require supervisor approval for some employees while other employee services auto approve.
  11. Flexible Group Notes:   Our group note allows you to efficiently document on both the individual and the group as a whole.  This also accommodates time tracking in and out and alleviates manual correction of clients who were not present.
  12. Notifications/Warnings:  SmartCare offers configurable flags and alerts that can be defined by your organization both before and after implementation.  This includes the ability to have pop up alerts, and limit this to specific types of staff (example- billing staff does not need to be alerted to a fall risk). 
  13. Meaningful Use / Quality Measures:  Streamline provides Meaningful Use updates regularly and in adequate time to collect the data required to attest to updated standards.  We understand a delay on these updates can effect an organizations ability to attest, and lead to possible financial consequences. 
  14. Add On Codes:  Our understanding of add on codes is to modify a service for billing purposes with modifier codes or multiple CTP codes for the same client during one service, while allowing this all to go out on a single claim.  If a system does not do this, it can have a direct impact on billing team workload, and the ability to accurately track and manage authorizations.  Some areas that typically require this functionality include telehealth services and billing for psychological testing. 
  15. Case Management Documentation: Your case managers will have the ability in SmartCare to document different CPT codes for the same client on the same day within a single service. 
  16. Retro Active Billing: Within SmartCare, your organization has the ability within the client plans/time spans screen to make changes to the order of payers with specific effective dates associated. All services provided for that client would follow the rules of the order of payers and the effective dates of each. Retroactive billing can be completed automatically.
  17. Revenue Management: SmartCare Revenue Work Queue Management Module can automatically assign RCM follow-up tasks to members of the team based on rules defined by RCM managers. In addition, supervisors can monitor productivity of the RCM staff based on tasks assigned to them Vs tasks completed.
  18. Service Hierarchy for Billing: In SmartCare services are not attached to programs directly. If you provide “Individual Therapy”, the organization sets it up as a Procedure Code one time and then indicates which programs where it can be provided. The organization does not have to set up service codes under each Program. This greatly reduced the number of services codes required by the organization.
  19. Inpatient/Residential- SmartCare is the only fully web based application designed exclusively for health and human services to be Meaningful Use certified on both an ambulatory and inpatient level.  This means ONC has deemed our bed board, white board and EMAR to meet minimum standards defined by Meaningful Use (now Promoting Interoperability).
  20. Data Access– SmartCare is an open architecture software platform based on a MS SQL 2016 backend.  With this level of data access and a data dictionary, your organization can create custom reports with MS SSRS including core and custom data fields, which can then be put into the application for use by end users based on permissions. 
  21. Dedicated Software Instance– Every Streamline client receives a dedicated software instance and is not hampered by the limitations of a multi tenet offering.  This means upgrading on your schedule, flexibility for organizational level configuration/ customization, and not needing to wait in line for your vendor to make desired modifications.  All customer receive multiple environments including production, test, train and QA that are only updated and modified based on your request.    
  22. Deployment Flexibility– In addition SaaS based licensing (annual software license lease) we also offer the ability to purchase a licensee in perpetuity.  This provides the best long term Return on Investment, and the possibility of bringing hosting in house.
  23. SmartCare Client Mold- Streamline partners with large, multi-faceted health and humans service organizations.  The average annual revenue of our client base is close to $50 M annual revenue with 500 staff.  The majority provide services on multiple levels of care typically including residential/inpatient, primary care or managed care.
  24. Primary Care– SmartCare primary care gives the ability to provide and bill direct primary care services within a single behavioral health focused platform. 
  25. Batch Scanning– Domestic batch scanning eliminates third party products and the need for bi-directional interfaces.  You can efficiently bring in large amounts of paper documentation and store this is a single location along with electronic documentation within the EHR.
  26. MCO– SmartCare is one of the only solutions on the market to offer a provider EHR and managed care (payer) based functionality within one web based solution.  This will give you flexibility for the future if you ever need to receive 837’s, adjudicate claims and manage an outside network of providers. 
  27. Foster Care- With our Foster Care package, you can manage foster care services, family connections, and the payment and management of outside foster care providers.
  28. Call Center- With the SmartCare inquiry process you can efficiently manage large volumes of calls and call centers, including crisis settings.  This includes the ability to fully document on a person even prior to being made a formally client.  It will also track referral source and outgoing referrals, which is beneficial for analysis and potential targeting of new service lines for the future.

For more information about Streamline or SmartCare or to schedule a demo, please reach out to us today