Streamline Healthcare Solutions Launches New Blog


Welcome to the Streamline blog! We want to engage our customers with all of the tools that we have to be sure we are listening to you as well as communicating with you as effectively as possible. Here, we will share with you new features of our software as well as insights into best practices. Our goal is not simply to provide an EHR; rather to show you how transformative SmartCare™ can be. Our vision has always been that an EHR is not simply a data-repository, but rather a tool that delivers insight to its users and empowers them to move more efficiently and effectively in client care. And, this is always done in such a way that it feels seamless to our users. This is our goal because we know this is what our users need and deserve as they help their clients and patients.

The single most important activity we engage in at Streamline Healthcare Solutions is listening to our customers – specifically to the users of our software. Our focus is to make a truly powerful system that increases the quality of client care. Too often Electronic Health Records are seen as a barrier to care. We aim to change that. For those of you who joined us at our Annual Conference, we hope you saw some of that commitment in action. New functionality such as our new “Go!” feature that enables one-click access to important activities such as taking vitals, recording a case management note, or reviewing lab results; “SmartView” that lets a user quickly see client progress without workflow interruption; and, of course, our commitment to mobile/offline solutions that ensure access to information anywhere anytime. We know that information technology is becoming increasingly more central to the delivery of quality healthcare.

As technologists, we dedicate ourselves to understanding and implementing the latest technology. As we do this, our first thought is always about how best to leverage that technology for the users of SmartCare, and, for your organization.

Over the coming months, we will use this blog to lay out all of the ways that we are doing the hard work of understanding your organizations’ current demands; whether that be compliance or challenging billing requirements. We will be sharing the day-to-day practicalities of how best to use our system as well as how we are taking the lessons learned from our partnerships and preparing for an even more powerful system in the years ahead. For all of those who have joined us, we thank you for your trust in our software and our vision. For those of you looking for a system that truly impacts care, come partner with us and help us help you make a real difference in the quality of health care delivery.


David Ryland, Co-CEO Streamline Healthcare Solutions

David Ryland

David Ryland is a co-founder of Streamline Healthcare Solutions, LLC. David has spent over 20 years developing software solutions for the healthcare industry. His responsibilities have ranged from design and development, to sales and implementation. In 1993 he was co-founder of Askesis Development Group, Inc. where he was COO. Askesis was sold to a healthcare conglomerate in 2002. He co-founded Streamline Healthcare Solutions, LLC to provide innovative software solutions to behavioral healthcare payers and providers to improve the quality of care they provide to their clients. David is a graduate of Northwestern University (B.A.).