SmartCare I/DD

SmartCare I/DD is built with distinct features to support organizations that provide services for people diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

SmartCare’s I/DD component offers a variety of features and functionality including care plans; outpatient, residential and day programs; vocational training to maximize the care for individuals. The system not only manages programs focused on I/DD populations, but also offers a comprehensive case management functionality and comprehensive billing.

Tracking individual plans and progress? No problem.

  Easily track a wide variety of an individual’s therapy

  Provide one care plan to build any size incremental steps with objectives; notice gains and rewards more often

  Maintain individual’s care plans building goals and objectives to suit the individual needs.

  Flexibility to support all levels of care for the individual

Support Data from Multiple Plans

  Support mainstreaming clients’ with I/DD

  Includes all aspects of care from multiple plans: medical orders, orders, medications, allergies; including all providers

Include Families and Caregivers

  Schedule appointments for clients

  Include family and caregiver contributions

  Provide a PDF version of the plan for monitoring and using daily

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