Valley Oaks Goes Live with Streamline’s SmartCare EHR Platform


Valley Oaks Goes Live with Streamline’s SmartCare EHR Platform

Valley Oaks Health and Streamline Healthcare Solutions (Streamline) are excited to share that they officially are live with Streamline’s cloud-based, single-platform electronic health record (EHR), SmartCare™.

Valley Oaks chose Streamline because of its commitment to Indiana’s state reporting requirements. SmartCare’s intelligent application offers a more efficient reporting workflow that Valley Oaks users can control.

Streamline is pleased to announce that Valley Oaks Health went live with SmartCare™ EHR in October of 2022! Before going live, the dedicated Streamline implementation team conducted a detailed analysis of Valley Oak’s unique workflows and business processes and developed a tailored plan specific to their needs. During this time, clear milestones and timeframes were defined. 

Streamline used its implementation team’s in-house resources including project management, business analysis, and development to ensure the process went smoothly for Valley Oaks. 

“The process of designing and implementing an EHR is never an easy task. Streamline’s implementation staff worked alongside our Valley Oaks team and allowed us to take the extra time needed to ensure we developed a solid platform for our agency. The go-live support provided by Streamline has been beneficial during the first few weeks. We look forward to continuing to explore the capabilities of SmartCare and know that Streamline will support us along the way,” said Morgan Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer, of Valley Oaks Health.

Anita Jeyakumar, VP of Implementation stated, “The Valley Oaks team has worked hand in hand with our implementation team throughout this project. The experience has been very good and we are happy to have another Indiana customer joining the ranks of Going Live with SmartCare and serving their clients better. We are looking forward to this being a smooth and enjoyable process for the Valley Oaks staff and project team as we work with them to transition them to the Success Team post-go-live.”