Volunteers of America of Florida Goes Live with Streamline’s SmartCare EHR Platform


Volunteers of America of Florida Goes Live with Streamline’s SmartCare™ EHR Platform

Volunteers of America of Florida (VOAF) and Streamline Healthcare Solutions are excited to share that they officially are live with Streamline’s enterprise, cloud-based, single-platform electronic health record (EHR), SmartCare™.

Streamline’s SmartCare™ EHR will provide VOAF with a more comprehensive, seamless approach to operations, care, and analytics. VOAF stakeholders will have an easy-to-use system at their fingertips that will reduce time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks and free users to focus on helping people.

Streamline is pleased to announce that VOAF went live with SmartCare’s fully integrated clinical and billing system in September of 2022. In addition to the product’s core clinical and billing component, VOAF will utilize the mobile clinical solution, SmartCare™ Anywhere, to manage service activities in the community as well as the SmartCare™ Patient Portal and SmartCare™ Telehealth to meet the needs of their many locations and remote service delivery. Through SmartCare’s Florida state reporting functionality, VOAF will be supported to meet today’s diverse needs and unknown future requirements.  

Before going live, the dedicated Streamline implementation team conducted a detailed analysis of VOAF’s unique workflows and business processes and developed a tailored plan specific to their needs. During this time, clear milestones and timeframes were defined. Streamline used its implementation team’s in-house resources including project management, business analysis, and development to ensure the process went smoothly for VOAF. 

“Volunteers of America of Florida is committed to providing premier In-Home Behavioral Health services with great results for our Floridians in need. Streamline’s SmartCare EHR will help us to invest more time in high-end quality direct care services with minimum paperwork disruption. This truly is going to be a game changer for our service delivery and those whom we serve,” said Janet Stringfellow, President and CEO of Volunteers of America of Florida.

“Streamline’s implementation team was very thorough and organized which helped to keep all tasks on track. Their experience and knowledge in managing the implementation process were apparent. They helped us to create a very smooth transition from our legacy system,” said Bobby Goyco, Director of VOAF Data Systems of Volunteers of America of Florida.

Anita Jeyakumar, VP of Implementation of Streamline said, “The Streamline Team enjoyed working with the VOAF Implementation Team to successfully transition them to the SmartCare platform.”