5 Free Webinars To Help Meet Your Organization’s Needs Now and Into the Future


As the news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic changes daily, it is important for us to continue to work together to remain safe and healthy. Streamline is following the social distancing protocols recommended by our local health officials and government to reduce the spread of the virus. We have stopped all travel, and our employees are working from home, if they can. We are also remaining fully operational so that our client partners can continue on the path of treatment for those they serve who are most in need. 

In this critical time, it is imperative your organization operates effectively and safely. With that being said, we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our series of 5 free virtual webinars that will showcase our web-based SmartCare EHR platform. These webinars will demonstrate how an integrated solution can help your agency meet the needs of your clients through this COVID-19 crisis and always. We are here for you now and into the future. 

4/6/20 Improve your Clinical Workflows with SmartCare: 

At Streamline, we recognize that the best way for clinicians and staff to provide quality care is to have more time with your clients – that’s especially true during the unpredictable outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  Our goal is to minimize the burden on your staff by automating your workflows and moving your clients efficiently through your desired workflows, facilitating high quality care and optimizing the flow of information and communication – both internally and externally. 

Through Streamline’s SmartCare™ electronic health record (EHR), clinicians have the ability to provide true clinical decision support and make clear clinical decisions. SmartCare is easy to use and effective. It is intuitive and allows users to perform tasks quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of mental effort. SmartCare automatically performs tasks in the background, improving accuracy, and freeing up the user’s cognitive resources for other tasks.

Join our webinar and learn about SmartCare’s key Clinical features used to improve your workflows.  

4/7/20 Maximize your Revenue and Improve your Billing Process with SmartCare:

Through SmartCare’s HIPAA compliant full medical billing system, we can track clinical services turning them into corresponding charges. The system also allows for eligibility checks through the use of 270/271, and identifies and tracks payers as well as guarantors. SmartCare is designed to drive electronic billing whenever possible through 837/835 formatted files. Our system will meet the needs of your pay sources and can be utilized for Medicaid, Medicare, capitated and commercial plans, MCO organizations, private pay, and others.

SmartCare™ Revenue Cycle Management (SmartCare RCM) offers traditional fee for service billing for commercial payers, and handles varying requirements for prior authorizations, and complex billing processes for Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicaid MCOs. SmartCare RCM provides a combination of traditional and complex billing processes for all patient and program types.  

Join our webinar and learn how SmartCare RCM/Billing can help your organization manage the entire revenue cycle process from start to finish. R

4/7/20 Connecting the Mind to the Body has never been easier with SmartCare Primary Care:

Health care providers and government officials have begun to understand that an individual’s mental health is just as important as physical health and just how closely the two are connected. The holistic health care approach (connecting the head to the body), continues to be most beneficial to clients, payers and providers, as it provides better opportunity for a proper and uniform platform of care.

Streamline understands the importance of connecting the mind to the body and has developed SmartCare™, an integrated application that can easily pull in data from other sources for a complete analysis of a client’s mental and physical health.

Discover how our integrated system will help enhance and transform the quality of care you provide to your clients. 

4/8/20 Transitioning to CCBHCs: Guidelines to Ensure your EHR will follow you along the way :

Whether you’re a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) or looking to become one, there is no doubt more access to a comprehensive array of mental health and addiction services in community-based settings is needed nationwide. 

At Streamline, we recognize CCBHCs are becoming a leader in providing access to high quality mental health and addiction treatment services. We also understand that having an integrated electronic health record (EHR) solution to support these high quality treatment services is required. Through our single solution SmartCare EHR, CCBHCs will have the capability to provide open access, alleviate those in crisis, and provide treatment for the most serious, complex mental health illnesses and substance abuse disorders.   

Join our webinar and learn how SmartCare will help your CCBHC!

4/15/20 How can variations of hosting and deployment models impact your uptime?:

As the use of cloud services increases in the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that organizations keep in mind the benefits as well as the limitations each hosting and deployment model may offer. For example, organizations that have faced serious downtime will have long lasting negative effects on accessing their data, which impacts their overall performance goals and the quality of care it provides its clients. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to understand what hosting and deployment options there are to guarantee the best uptime outcome. 

In this educational learning session, we’ll examine all options and the typical components included with hosting services from a technology vendor. We’ll also touch on deployment models and the different purchasing options found within the industry. Lastly, we’ll share how your choices on the hosting and deployment model you choose will impact your data access and the level of flexibility to make your own and grow in the future.