Comprehensive Healthcare Goes Live With Streamline’s SmartCare EHR


Kalamazoo, MI – [November 15, 2018] – Comprehensive Healthcare recently launched the SmartCare Electronic Health Record provided by Streamline Healthcare Solutions.  We are proud to partner with Comprehensive by providing our fully integrated SmartCare solution to help them increase their capacity to communicate with additional third party sources, standardize and streamline workflows between sites and programs, and maximize the integration of primary and behavioral health care to serve the client as a whole. Comprehensive Healthcare provides an array of behavioral health and substance abuse services in outpatient, inpatient and residential settings in Ten Washington Counties. The expansive service area ranges from frontier/rural to suburban and includes 21 facilities and over 20,000 patients are served annually.

Luke Hoisington, Chief Information Officer at Comprehensive Healthcare commented, “Software implementations are rarely synonymous with fun, however our partnership with Streamline and our project team’s high morale got pretty close!  Setting realistic expectations for your organization and an unwavering attention to detail will ensure success when the “go-live” dust settles.”

“The experience of implementing the SmartCare EHR at Comprehensive has been a very meaningful and joyful experience, I believe, for the entire Customer and Streamline project teams,” says Anita Jeyakumar, Director of Implementation Services at Streamline Healthcare Solutions.

Anita also commented on the success of the project was due to several factors including:

  1. Fantastic executive support – their CEO Jodi even came in personally during every single day at the Nerve Center operations post Go-Live
  2. Excellent Leadership and Change management from their IT and Project teams – Luke is great at helping prioritizing, setting expectations and communicating with the organization.
  3. Comprehensive considering Streamline as a valued partner and implementing our advice on several key areas of the project based on our vetted implementation methodology from lessons learned across our combined body of customer implementations spanning multiple states.
  4. Relentless focus on only the truly necessary customizations to meet the clinical, financial and state reporting needs of the organization and not an ounce more.
  5. Multiple rounds of testing the customer workflow and addressing key issues prior to Go-Live.
  6. Thorough Go-Live planning and Dry Run iterating prior to Go-Live.

Anita concluded by saying, “Very proud of what the team has accomplished! This is a good example of what a high functioning team can pull off to impact customer outcomes! Now that the implementation is complete our Account Management team is working to continue to improve the processes and functionality of the system as the user experience grows with the system.”

“Luke and the Comprehensive Healthcare team have been great to work with and represented a true partnership during the implementation process.” said Javed Husain, Co-CEO at Streamline Healthcare Solutions. “We are hoping to work with many other organizations within the state of Washington.”

About Comprehensive Healthcare

Since the 1970’s, Comprehensive Healthcare has been providing services to children, adults and families throughout Eastern Washington.  Comprehensive is a private, non-profit organization that offers a full range of behavioral health and substance abuse disorder treatment services, with special programs for veterans, victims of crime, parents and employees.

More than 700 highly trained and qualified professional staff provide behavioral healthcare services to over 20,000 individuals each year. Comprehensive Website:

About Streamline

Streamline delivers web-based software for healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate specialized behavioral service delivery processes. Streamline’s SmartCare™ solution was developed to truly integrate all departments; moving them to a more holistic service model. Streamline’s software solutions are well suited for organizations who wish to have a system that can incorporate its entire business processes into a single solution, with the ability to continue to grow as business-lines needs evolve. Streamline has been offering software in the behavioral health marketplace since 2003. Please visit us at:

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