EHR Software Determines Data-Driven Success in Behavioral Health and Human Services


EHR Software Determines Data-Driven Success in Behavioral Health and Human Services

For the health care industry in general, and Behavioral Health and Human Services in particular, the term “data-driven” is more than a trendy buzzword. It’s a business necessity to survive going forward, and making full use of data depends upon the EHR system.

Behavioral Health and Human Services have always been data-driven in the sense that their business is driven by codes, protocols, requirements, and metrics. The growth in areas like value-based care and key performance metrics means that organizations who can take data-driven to the next level will have a significant advantage over those who don’t.

Data-Driven Cultures Require Relevant, Consistent Data

A large part of becoming a more data-driven organization is cultural, as OPEN MINDS notes in this article. But before an organization can develop a data-driven culture, its people need easy access to relevant, consistent data across the organization. As this article from Information Week describes, many roadblocks to becoming a data-driven organization pertain to the data itself:

  • Inconsistent data
  • Siloed data
  • Difficulty in accessing relevant data
  • Lack of centralized data storage

EHRs Determine Data Success for Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations

For Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations, their ability to overcome these obstacles and succeed as a data-driven organization depends upon the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

How the SmartCare™ EHR Platform helps lessen the gap between accessible data and EHR users

One of the core features of Streamline’s SmartCare™ EHR platform is that each organization has its own dedicated data warehouse, which serves as a central repository for integrated data from disparate sources. 

The data warehouse standardizes raw data so that it can be used consistently throughout the organization. The standardized data–current and historical–is then available for easy, seamless retrieval in workflows, reports, and analyses.

SmartCare™ provides a single, unified platform without having to integrate with third-parties or various legacy systems. 

As a result, data is not siloed. Everyone in the organization has access to consistent, relevant data within the platform, without having to log in and out of different systems or having to enter or export data manually. From a dedicated data warehouse to providing consistent, relevant data across the organization, SmartCare™ enables organizations to access, organize, integrate, and analyze their operational and clinical data with a high level of sophistication that drives efficiency and provides insights that improve care.

SmartCare™ promotes  accurate and dependable data to empower providers and their clients

SmartCare™ is a next generation Enterprise EHR platform for the Behavioral Health and Human Services market. Developed specifically for this market, its cloud-based, single-platform, and intelligent technology is unlike any other. It empowers Behavioral Health and Human Services organizations to achieve their mission of helping those in need.

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